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The laser and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) are the newest technically advanced methods for achieving consistent, relatively risk free skin resurfacing. They should be regarded as another weapon in the battle against...
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I'm Dr. Sreenivas Menon, Consultant Dermatologist in Abu Dhabi, UAE with special interests in treatment and management of skin cancers, skin Allergies, skin and nail infections.

My website features information skin cancer, skin allergies, skin infections, skin cancer screening and preventions, Acne, warts and much more.

There is also information on diagnostics/ screening and treatments involved in my practice. The information we have provided is to reinforce the advice you receive from your own doctors and help you to take control of your health.

Please note that the information in this website is an educational resource, and should not be used for decisions about any treatment. All such decisions must be made in consultation with a physician or your healthcare provider.

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Types of Skin Cancer
Risk Factors
Prevention & Screening
Chemical Peel
Crystal Peel
Diamond Peel
Laser Permanent Hair Reduction
Laser Photo Rejuvenation
Laser Removal of Vascular
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